Why Modern Office Chairs are a Better Choice

Published: 10th October 2011
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When choosing new chairs for the office, it can very advantageous to look into all possible choices, particularly the many modern and innovative office chair options. The typical designer chair for office has been wildly revised in recent times to adapt to the science of ergonomics, which has grown rapidly since its popular inception in the mid Twentieth Century.

Modern office chair designs are also made with modern use in mind, that is, use at a desk with a PC or laptop. Many employees in an office environment are familiar with almost constant computer use, and can recognise the particular demands it places on the body, such as strain on the lower back (lumbar region), neck and arms.

Most modern office chairs are also made using a design and construction process that is more and more conscious of the environment. Many innovative chair designs use recycled plastic, a relatively new material, to great effect. Other chairs are produced only using locally sourced materials, reducing the carbon footprint of the product.

Trends in modern chairs are consistently moving towards greater comfort and support for the user, the use of environmentally friendly materials and construction and simpler functioning of adjustable chairs. Additionally modern chairs for office feature fewer components in the end product for lighter chairs as well as innovative designs and the use of unconventional materials.

Browsing through catalogues, shops and websites selling office chairs, you may notice many with unconventional mesh backs. The mesh backing on many designer chairs for office presents a fresh change from the traditional foam block construction of many chairs, but what benefits does the mesh actually offer, besides a modern and stylish look?

The leading mesh-backed office chairs are specifically engineered to give the user the best posture support possible. The mesh is tensed and relaxed in the appropriate areas to maximise comfort while promoting healthy circulation and preventing fatigue. The mesh backed chairs also offer the user more freedom as the mesh is more malleable and moves to support the user; however they are sitting or leaning. Minimising hard edges in the office chair makes it more comfortable to use, as well as contributing to a smoother and cleaner aesthetic.

Double or triple layers of mesh can also be used to give the user stronger support, in the areas that need it most. Because mesh construction is more flexible than foam, it is more responsive to weight distribution and is able to shift support ergonomically over prolonged use, instead of just sagging over time.

Modern office chairs are not only stylish but also help to improve work efficiency of office staff. Corporate Business Furniture is one name who provides long lasting office chairs in Melbourne, boardroom tables and inspirational designs for office fitouts in Melbourne.

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