Top three pavers for cottage style gardens

Published: 15th April 2011
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It doesn't matter which era you are building in, or what kind or suburb or district either a cottage style garden will never go out of style. The classic, quaint appeal of pastel flower beds, brightly coloured bulbs and meandering paths can add old-world charm to even the most developed of neighbourhoods. There's no particular set of criteria for creating a successful cottage garden as with any landscaping endeavour, there is a loose set of principles, but mainly the end result is due to personal taste and the unique demands of the terrain. However, one item that seems to almost always be present in cottage style gardens is paved areas. Paths, pond surrounds and flowerbed boundaries are frequently featured in cottage style gardens. Today we have many more choices in pavers than in yesteryear, so it may be worth considering what will be your most economic and attractive choice for long-lasting, secure pavers that maintain the cottage vibe in your garden landscape.

While the final section of pavers comes down to personal choice, there are several types of pavers that are more suitable to the cottage style garden. Here, in no particular order, is the top three:

  1. Bluestone: Bluestone was one of the most popular building materials from the late 1800s to the mid 1920s, so bluestone pavers are basically guaranteed to lend your garden a vintage feel. Outdoor bluestone tiles are formed from dense, strong cuts of stone, making them durable and low-maintenance as well as stylish.

  2. Brick: The rustic qualities of bricks make them ideal for gardens with a cottage theme. The deep ochre, red and golden tones available in clay bricks provide a stunning garden highlight. Some companies even offer pavers made from genuine antique bricks and reclaimed brick cobblestones for a truly authentic look.

  3. Sandstone: There's much to be said of the classic appearance of sandstone pavers. The stone has been used in construction since antiquity, and, although not having quite the same amount of cottage appeal as brick or bluestone, sandstone tiles can be found in a large variety of colours. Used in your garden, they can complement the tones of flowers and foliage in a delightful way.

While this is in no way an exhaustive list, and there are no doubt other styles of pavers that will evoke a charming cottage vibe in your garden, these three are a great place to start because they also happen to be some of the more long-lasting and low-cost options.

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