Top 5 advantages of suspended ceilings

Published: 23rd March 2011
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Most of us don't really spend much time in the day contemplating the ceilings of our offices. The only time we are really likely to pay attention to that expanse of white above us is if it begins to shake, leak, crack, or malfunction in some way. But, ceilings are actually one of the most important features of any office, and one that can be quietly advantageous to our working environments in ways that we would have never considered. Not only does a ceiling prevent environmental factors and noises in the world outside from bothering us while we work, it also plays an important role in moderating our comfort inside the office.

There are many different types of ceilings that have enjoyed popularity over the years, but one of the most prevalent choices for modern offices is suspended ceilings. Let's look at some of the top reasons that suspended ceilings have such a widespread appeal:

  1. Camouflage: Adding a suspended ceiling below the main ceiling is an easy and very effective method of concealing air ducts, pipes and light fittings or wires. A large variety of tiles to choose from means that you can achieve a look that is neat and professional or decadent and decorative according to the nature of your business.

  2. Easy care: They allow for very easy maintenance and modification because they are formed from a series of panels that are simple to move and replace. In contrast, most regular plaster ceilings will need to be demolished and rebuilt in order to make structural alteration to piping or wiring.

  3. Safe: Another advantage of it is that, they have very high levels of protection against fire. Suspended ceiling tiles are produced from mineral fibres that have fire-proof qualities so that they will effectively halt the spread of flames throughout a building.

  4. Efficient: One of the best known advantages of ceilings is that they provide more energy efficient heating and lighting solutions. Your choice of tiles can improve circulation of air as well as retain heat according to your needs, while reflective tiles can be used to boost the distribution of natural light.

  5. Cheap: They are an attractive and very economical method of transforming and updating the appearance of your office. It is far cheaper to install a brand new suspended ceiling below an older main ceiling than it is to renovate the existing ceiling to achieve an equivalent standard of charm and efficiency.

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