The importance of comfort in office workstations

Published: 19th April 2011
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Have you ever wound up at the end of a long-work day with an aching neck, tight shoulders and pain in your lower back, or pressure marks on your legs from the edges of chairs? If you answered yes, you probably weren't too keen to head back to work the next day, and when you did, you were probably less productive than you could have been due to the irritation of your aches and pains. If you've ever been in this situation, or are in it right now while reading this post, there's no doubt that the design of your workstation is to blame. Too often office fitouts are designed with low-cost solutions, rather than employees' health and well-being, in mind, meaning that the workstations we spend often more than forty hours a week at are actually doing us physical damage.

Anyone who's worked long hours, or even relatively standard hours, in an office environment probably needs no convincing of the importance of comfort in office workstations. Not only does the organisation of a workstation contribute to or deduct from the employees' productivity, and therefore the success of the entire company, workstations can have a huge impact on the health of employees. Of course, itís always best to make sure that this impact is a positive rather than a negative. Poorly designed workstations can contribute to serious and sometimes permanent, untreatable injuries such as RSI, carpal tunnel syndrome and curvature of the spine, as well as less grave, but nonetheless painful, muscle strain and joint swelling or cramping.

Fortunately these days, employees and health practitioners have publicised the importance of comfortable workstations and the very real health and productivity benefits that improvement in the design of office workstations can have. This has resulted in an increasing number of ergonomically designed office furniture that prioritises the health and well-being, as well as the ultimate productivity, of employees. When the correct style of quality furniture is purchased for an office, everyone at all levels of the company wind up happy with the outcome. Of course, for employers, the benefit of installing comfortable workstations is three-fold. Despite the initial expenditure, they will save on future potential Work cover pay-outs and find that they are running a highly active company with satisfied workers. The importance of comfort in workstations is one element of office space design that cannot be underestimated, for the advantages it offers to employers, employees and the future of the company.

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