How to Find Practical Office Partitions Solutions

Published: 21st September 2011
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When faced with a large, empty office space, it can be difficult to visualise how your eventual workplace should be organised and where office partitions should be installed. Following a logical process for formulating a layout plan, however, can make organising office partitions much easier.

The first step to planning partitions is to identify the different departments within your business, such as design, sales, management or administration. Even small businesses have different members dealing with different issues, so the division of employees into departments is necessary and beneficial for all businesses.

Next, it is necessary to consider how much space each department needs. This depends not only on the number of people in each department but also the variety of resources and amount of space each typically needs. Designers, for example, often need a little more desk space than other employees, while workers in administration typically need additional filing space. These employee considerations will give you information on the relative layout of your partitions.

Developing a practical office fitouts and partitions plan involves reaching a balance between the space needed for each section of the workplace and the actual amount of space you have to work with. Often concessions must be made to economise on space. Compromise is all part of the planning process and is necessary to reaching an office partitions plan that makes the most of the space you have. Remember also that partitions can be space saving solutions in themselves as they break up one large area into small, specific workplaces, making it easier for more people to work separately in one area.

With all the special considerations sorted out, you should be well on the way to having your partitions layout finished. There are a few more factors to think about before purchasing and installing the office partitions, including materials, height and appearance.

A workplace filled with high, solid partitions can easily become dark and dull. Careful consideration of the materials to use in your partitions, however, can fill the office with healthy natural light. Using a mix of office partition heights, from small half-height screens between desks, to full length walls, is recommended to appropriately mark out different areas of the workplace and to add to the dynamism of your office's design. Using glass office partitions is also recommended where possible to allow for the dissipation of natural light throughout the office.

Last but not least, office partitions make up a large part of a workplace design, so it is important to consider the appearance of the partitions you choose and how the partitions could express your company's image.

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