How to Assess Second-hand Wheelchair Vehicles for Sale

Published: 16th September 2011
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The costs associated with disability are high, so finding cheaper options to such essentials as wheelchair accessible vehicles is necessary for some. Buying a second-hand converted vehicle is much cheaper than converting your own car or van, or buying a new vehicle specially fitted out for wheelchair accessibility. It must be remembered, however, that every wheelchair confined passenger has specific needs, and all require a maximum level of safety. It is important that all second-hand wheelchair vehicles and cars for sale you find are assessed carefully before a purchase is made.

The range of second-hand wheelchair accessible cars for sale is more limited than the wheelchair accessible cars for sale at specialist conversion companies, and you may not be able to find a second-hand wheelchair vehicle that perfectly suits your needs. It is important to not compromise the specific transport and mobility requirements of your wheelchair confined passenger in favour of cheaper second-hand wheelchair vehicles. A quick internet search, however, reveals many different sites selling second-hand disability aids, including wheelchair accessible vehicles. You may be able to find the perfect second-hand wheelchair vehicle for sale locally and for a reasonable price.

The first consideration when assessing second-hand wheelchair vehicles for sale, as with any second-hand products, is to determine the vehicle is in good working order. Overall safety is paramount with any vehicle, but even more so with vehicles carrying disabled passengers. It is therefore of utmost importance the wheelchair accessible vehicle runs well, with no faults, to minimise the risk of accidents on the road. If the wheelchair vehicle for sale is not in perfect working order, the vehicle may still be worth buying if it caters to your particular needs. In all cases you should at least be fully aware of all faults, so they can be restored once the vehicle is bought. If possible you should obtain a written description of the wheelchair vehicle for sale from the seller to protect your legal rights if any faults should arise soon after purchase.

There are two avenues for finding second-hand wheelchair vehicles for sale, through private sellers or commercial suppliers of converted vehicles. Buying a second-hand wheelchair accessible vehicle from commercial retailers is the more expensive option, however vehicles sold this way are more likely to have been serviced, reconditioned and sold in good working order. Mostly, these second-hand vehicles will also come with a short guarantee of three months or so which ensure safety and peace of mind.

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