How Office Workstations Can Maximise Workflow in Your Office

Published: 11th October 2011
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Well designed office workstations can make the difference between a disorganised and unproductive business and a flourishing one. Every miniscule element, such as overall layout, storage spaces, screens, colour and flexibility, of office workstations can contribute to the overall productivity of a business.

  • Layout: Office workstations must be properly organised to make the most of space available in an office. The most important consideration in designing a layout plan for workstations are the number of employees in the office and the type of work they do. A call centre, for example, may have a very large number of employees that need minimal desk space, while a design firm may have only four or five designers in the office, who each need large desks for drafting and holding of resources. The layout design for workstations must also take into account the size of the office. The best way to increase productivity in an office is to reduce clutter and make sure that there is adequate space for employees. If your business has limited workspace, a well designed workstation layout will make the most of the space there is, and increase workflow.

  • Storage Space: Office workstations with inbuilt storage space are another way to save space in the office. Often the storage space needed in workstation will depend on the work performed by a particular employee, so it makes sense to concentrate storage space where it is needed most. For example, giving more hard copy filing space to administrative employees, instead of IT staff, will ensure that storage space is not wasted and productivity is maximised. Workstations with adequate individual storage space mean that time is not wasted searching for resources in office-wide filing cabinets or storage cabinets, hence maximising workflow.

  • Workstation Screens: Office workstation screens can be used to block noise, visibility or simply to provide a distinction between one person's desk space and another's. Screens between workstations can also provide extra storage space and contribute greatly to the overall aesthetic design of an office. Workstation screens must therefore be designed with great care to obtain the desired effect. The height of the screens used influences the overall ambience of an office. If the screens are too high, employees can feel isolated, but if the workstation screens are too low, the office can become too noisy and busy, affecting productivity.

Many other aspects of workstations can affect the rate of workflow in an office, such as colour and style and ease of configuration and mobility of the workstations. Having well designed office workstations is essential for the productivity of any workplace.

Well designed office workstations helps to improve productivity of employee and organise workstations space. Corporate Business Furniture provides inspirational office design and office furniture for office workstations in Melbourne.

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